Paesaggio Sicilia

Ayo visto lo mappamundi
É la carta de naviguari,
Ma Xixilia me pari
La più bella d’aquesto mundi

I have seen the map of the world/And the charts used by navigators/But I think Sicily/The most beautiful of this world                                   (15th century Catalan-Sicilian song)

Many say that Sicily is a cultural melting of populations that came here to dominate and enjoy the beauties of our land. We have Norman-Arab-Byzantine cathedrals, Greek temples, Roman theatres, Spanish squares and processions, Phoenician ruins and Arabic food…..and what is Sicilian then?

Sicilian is the encounter of all these foreign influences with the beauty of the landscapes, the mighty mountains and the blue sea, the fertile lands and the dry sands, the green vineyards and the yellow wheat fields.. Sicilian is an ironic eye that observes and absorbs what comes from outside but filters it and puts it into an insular and relative perspective. Sicilian is the drama of a country that despite its richness has always suffered of a creative and disruptive permanent chaos.

Sicilian is the great passion and interest for our land that we would like to share with those travellers who genuinely want to know this country and its people, landscapes, culture, history, culinary traditions, agriculture and geology.

Our tours and travel suggestions are thought for all those travellers who want to visit a country by respecting the local culture and the environment, moving freely but discretely in those areas off the most beaten tourist tracks and taking part in several different activities to experience our daily life and culture.

Our tours move at nature’s pace: not everything can be seen but a lot can be experienced and enjoyed with no stress.


Special Interest

Our knowledge of the Sicilian territory, culture, history and tradition allows us to suggest tours  that can be tailor made according to specific interests and needs and that can make of your holidays in Sicily an unforgettable experience: We love our immense culinary heritage and we enjoy sharing it with our guests by offering informal cooking classes where old family recipes are used to prepare real Sicilian never ending meals. This implies a special care in sourcing ingredients from local small producers who are happy to meet our guests and to show them their products and the different production methods. ...


Monte Cofano in late spring Dry stone wall near Modica A beach near Ragusa Noto: a baroque gem Cefalu and the Rocca Ragusa Ibla Sicily in June Aeolian Islands : Salina Madonie: sping landscape Grapes harvest in Sicily Marsala: salt pans Castelbuono: Sant'Anna procession A winery in the island of Pantelleria