About Us

About Us

We are Gianluca and Chiara, owners since 2015 of Paesaggio Sicilia Tours, a boutique tour operator specialised in tailor made and exclusive wine, food and cultural real experiences all over Sicily. Our work is based on a wide knowledge of Sicilian culture, history, architecture, agriculture and oenology.

By travelling with us you will discover the best food and wine productions, have the opportunity to cook and dine at home with us, taste our organic olive oil and enjoy Sicily as Sicilians do during their holidays. Slow, relational, organic and respectful are the keywords of all our travel suggestions!

We guarantee the quality of all the services by personally selecting all the hotels, restaurants, wineries and other providers to be sure that they all share with us a sincere love for our country and great sense of hospitality towards our guests.










I am Gianluca D’Alia, manager of Paesaggio Sicilia Tour Operator and tour leader. After studying and working in Amsterdam and Brussels for EU services I decided to follow my passion for Sicilian history, wine, food, rural life and traditions and I created together with my wife Chiara this boutique tour business. I regularly visit and research the best Sicilian wineries and farms with a special interest for organic and sustainable agriculture. I personally follow our tours and take care of our guests with a friendly smile.

I am Chiara, an architect with a specific background in land use planning and development of rural areas. I am rooted half in the city (Palermo) and half in the countryside (Castelbuono in the Madonie Park). I spent most of my childhood in my country house, during olive, orange and almond harvest seasons, surrounded by the scents of genuine products, helping my grandmother to prepare delicious traditional recipes. I am passing now this knowledge to our little daughter. I love sharing my passion for Sicily and its food with our guests during our informal meals together in our country house. I have decided to start this adventure with Gianluca with the aim of enhancing the immense cultural ethno-anthropological heritage of the Sicilian territory and to share my passion with those people who, together with us, will be in love with the wonders of Sicily!