Arianna Occhipinti Wines

Arianna Occhipinti Wines


A young woman who can listen to the territory:

Arianna Occhipinti started with one hectare of vineyard in 2004, now she leads a successful winery that produces some of the most representative wines of Sicily in the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG area. An organic production in a limestone soil using traditional grape varieties – Nero d’Avola, Frappato, Albanello and Moscato d’Alessandria – strong and durable, an area always touched by a dry and cool breeze, significant temperature variations between day and night, no irrigation. The cultivation of the vineyards of Arianna Occhipinti takes place in full respect of the territory and of the identity of the different traditional grapes and according to what the territory itself suggests; the absence of irrigation encourage the roots to go in depth down to the limestone subsoil; a stone with a velvety feel that makes a velvety wine made from vigorous grapes. The company is located in an old farm in the process of restoration. The cellar has been built from scratch according to the production needs of Arianna . The fermentation in cement tanks and the brief aging in barrels are made in the new structure, while the tasting room is in the old building, next to the old millstone. Occhipinti wines “are made only with grapes”, no addition of yeast or other substances that help the fermentation and vinification. The ability of Arianna to listen to the needs and the suggestions of soil and plants has resulted in wines of great character and elegance, which have become in a few years worldwide known.

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Chiara Spinnato, Paesaggio Sicilia Tours

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