Fattorie Romeo del Castello

Fattorie Romeo del Castello

In 1981 a terrible eruption of Mount Etna narrowly missed the town of Randazzo on the Northern slope of the volcano and destroyed many hectares of vineyards and cultivated land.

The Fattorie Romeo del Castello was also harmed by this destruction but the historical house, the bulk of their vineyards and pear orchard and some thousand-year-old trees were miraculously spared by the sudden detour taken by the lava flow.

Today Fattorie Romeo del Castello is a beautiful organic farm and winery, run by Chiara Vigo, her husband Gianluca Torrisi and her mother Rosanna Romeo del Castello. Their excellent DOC Etna wines, extra virgin olive oil and an eau de vie from Coscia pears reminiscent of “Mitteleuropa” are completed by the exquisite hospitality of the owners and the possibility for beautiful walks in the property.

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