Group tours

Group tours

Sicily is not just the largest island of the Mediterranean sea with a very high amount of beautiful and sunny beaches.

Sicily is an island where each territory has its own historical and natural heritage and each season paints the landscape with new colours and bring to our tables a rich variety of vegetables, fruits, fish, cheeses and wines.

Many towns and territories, just outside the most beaten tourist tracks, still preserve authentic tradition. Visiting those places represent the best way to discover this attractive and charming island.

With our Destination Sicily tours we want to present to our guests the most beautiful regions of our island in the best moments of the year.

Each tour focuses on one area and offers diversified activities to suit different tastes and needs. But they are all conceived to be an unique, enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

We love sharing with our guests our enthusiasm and knowledge of Sicily by respecting the environment and the local culture and by offering, above all, a real experience based on personal relations rather than just a mere consumption of goods and services.

This is why our Destination Sicily tours are thought for small groups of people who really want to discover our landscapes, our history, our food and traditions without running from one corner to another of the island.
Our Destination Sicily tours can also be used by a group of friends, families, colleagues etc. to imagine and create their own tour.

Please contact our team and we will be really happy to custom tailor an holiday in Sicily according to your needs and desires.

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