Wine Tours

Wine Tours

Sicily, the largest of Italy’s 20 regions (25,710 square kilometers), ranks 4h in population (5,098,000).  Sicily’s average annual wine production of 6,940,000 hectoliters (3rd among the regions) includes 5% DOC/DOCG.

With these numbers in the wine sector, Sicily represents already one of the most important regions in Italy, the country together with France with the highest wine production in the world. But besides those figures what makes Sicily a very significant area for the wine production are the many varieties of local and traditional grapes and the huge climate and geological differences of the Sicilian production areas which have resulted in a very high number of DOCs and one DOCG.

Some of the 22 DOCs and DOCG, such as Etna, Marsala, Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Malvasia delle Lipari or Moscato di Pantelleria represent wines made with grapes grown in the volcanic soil up on the snowy volcano Etna or in the lush Aeolian island of Salina or that ripe in the southern part of the island constantly exposed to the warm African wind blowing from Sahara.

With our wine tours we want to present to our guests all these huge differences and varieties and let you discover some of the best wine and wineries of Sicily, surrounded by beautiful rural landscapes and vineyards. Organic, biodynamic and sustainable viticulture is our motto!!

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