Quod Siculis placuit….

Quod Siculis placuit….

Quod Siculis placuit, sola Sperlinga negavit (What pleased the Sicilians,was shunned only by Sperlinga). These wards, inscribed on an arch inside the castle of Sperlinga, refer to the refusal of the town to take part in the Vespers, the Sicilian rebellion of 1282. Whilst the whole island chased the hated French Angevins and invited Pedro of Aragon to become king of Sicily, Sperlinga remained faithful to the House of Anjou, offered refuge to the Angevins and betrayed in this way the common cause.

Hidden in the middle of Sicily, Sperlinga is today a delightful little town where it is still possible to discover its three thousand years of history by visiting its castle, its grottoes and its prehistoric sanctuary: all these monuments are carved in the rocky hill where the town is built. Excellent ricotta and pecorino cheese are another good reason to visit Sperlinga


Giovanni Luca D’Alia, Paesaggio Sicilia

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