Salina and the Malvasia delle Lipario DOC

Salina and the Malvasia delle Lipario DOC

Among the seven Aeolian sisters, the central island of Salina, is perhaps the most beautiful and interesting one. This is not just because of its lush nature, its breathe-taking views, its trekking on the volcanos and the blue sea but also for the excellent quality of the agricultural products that grow on the island: grapes and cappers above all.

Salina hosts in fact the core production of the grape varieties Malvasia di Lipari and Corinto Nero that are used for the production of the excellent Malvasia delle Lipari DOC: a sweet white wine that has an excellent reputation in Italy and beyond.

The most famous wine included in the DOC is the “passito” made with grapes exposed to the sun to dry on cane matting for about seven – fifteen days.

The DOC wines are made with the Malvasia variety and a small percentage of Corinto Nero (between 5 and 8 percent) is obligatory according to the DOC regulation to give a coppery tint to the wine.

Not included in the DOC, nevertheless very interesting, there are many excellent dry red and white wines made using Malvasia and Corinto Nero in blends with other Sicilian varieties.

Salina is a fantastic island that should not be missed by all wine lovers visiting Sicily.


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