Sicilian buccellato

Sicilian buccellato

Italy is perhaps more known in the world for its “Panettone”, the traditional Christmas cake originally made in Milano but here in Sicily we eat around Christmas time a very different cake: the “buccellato”.

According to the different areas of the island the buccellato can also be called “cucciddatu, cudduredda, cudduri, cosi chini, cucchi etcand have different shapes and sizes.

The biggest one and maybe the most spectacular one is the buccellato palermitano, the one made in Palermo, that looks like a large pastry ring not dissimilar from the Spanish “Roscon de Reyes” and the Portuguese “bolo rei”.

The filling of the buccellato is normally very rich and can change from area to area: dried figs, sultanas, orange candied peels, chocolate, almonds, nuts, cooked wine and candied fruits are the most common ingredients, sometimes combined with some spices like cinnamon, saffron or ginger.

A real delight to put on more weight during Christmas holidays.


Chiara Spinnato, Paesaggio Sicilia Tours

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