The routes of Charles V  

The routes of Charles V  

Charles V of Habsburg, King of Spain and Sicily and Emperor of the Holy German Empire, has been perhaps the king in the whole history who has most travelled across his huge empire and beyond. Born in Ghent in 1500 he was the heir of the Kings of Spain and Sicily and of the Dukes of Austria elected since 1438 emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. He had an imperial vision of the world and travelled across his territories for warfare, conciliations, peace, trades, weddings and administration. Educated in Flanders in an humanistic environment he spoke fluently four languages and was able to communicate in other three more languages. For his universal vision, his travels and his language skills, he is sometimes considered as true European, with the limits of his times.

He visited Sicily during many months in 1535 coming back from the military campaign in Tunisia, staying in Trapani, Palermo, Termini, Polizzi, Troina, Randazzo, Taormina, Messina etc.

The Sicilian Parliament and the foundation Federico II are partner of the Cooperation Network of European Routes of Emperor Charles V, an European partnership that has applied to be listed among the Council of Europe Cultural Routes and aims to promote in several European and North African cities and regions the “Routes of Emperor Charles V” as a different offer for tourists interested in discovering territories, sometimes out of traditional tourist tracks, that have a lot to offer from a cultural, historical, traditional and natural point of view. Without forgetting that many of these territories have excellent food and wine traditions. For more information about the Routes of Charles V

Paesaggio Sicilia will soon offer a tour based on the route of Charles V in Sicily to let our guests discover and enjoy the charme of the history, the culture and the culinary traditions of our island.

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