About Us

About Us

Paesaggio Sicilia is a small Sicilian tour operator that promotes a model of tourism based on a responsible approach both for our clients and ourselves as tour organisers.

We love sharing with our guests our enthusiasm and knowledge of Sicily by respecting the environment and the local culture and by offering, above all, a real experience based on personal relations rather than just a mere consumption of goods and services.

Our team is composed by four semi-young passionate Sicilians who have worked in different fields about and across Sicily, developing in this way a wide knowledge about the island and its territory, history and traditions.

We love our immense culinary and wine heritage and we enjoy sharing it with our guests by offering informal cooking classes where old family recipes are used to prepare real Sicilian never ending meals.

Paesaggio Sicilia is a business mainly run by women. We are therefore prepared and very happy to work in partnership with women organisations and offer tailor made women friendly holidays.

We work in partnership with different public and private subjects, especially in the Madonie and Etna Natural Parks and in our programmes we like to enhance all the rich geological, natural and cultural heritage in the spirit of the UNESCO Global Geopark strategy.

As we say Sicily is a cultural and genetic melting pot, there are women with dark hair, curly hair, blond hair, with blue or dark eyes…and there are also men with hair and men with no hair…..and here we are:

Our Team


I am Rosaria Modica, I am an agronomist and I am the oldest member of this nice and enthusiastic group.
I worked for a long period for several NGOs and for the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs in the International Cooperation for Development Sector, then I was in the EU information services for ten years and contracted as consultant for the Madonie Regional Park for its participation to the European and Global Geoparks Network endorsed by UNESCO and, thanks to this experience, I have done some evaluation mission for the Earth Division of UNESCO.
All these experiences gave me the opportunity to travel around the world (Europe, Africa, South America and Middle East) in a very special way: I had the chance to get to know different countries having the opportunity to experience “ true” contacts with local people, their culture and problems.
These experiences and a deep love for my island suggested me to join PaesaggioSicilia to contribute to offer a “different and special” view of Sicily made not only by the different heritages of this fantastic island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea but also by our mixed and eclectic culture coming from an history made of dominations and cultural exchanges …..
I speak Spanish, Portugues, English and French (not very well but enough to communicate well) and I want to offer you, together with my friends in this adventure, itineraries that can communicate the complexity and the wonder of Sicily.

My name is Chiara, I am an architect with a specific background in land use planning and development of rural areas. I am rooted half in the city (Palermo) and half in the countryside (Castelbuono in the Madonie Park). And because of that I spent most of my childhood in my country house, during the olives, oranges and almonds harvest seasons, surrounded by the scents of genuine ingredients and food, helping my grandmother to prepare delicious dishes. From my grandmother and my mother I have learned many traditional and old recipes that I have now the pleasure to maintain and share with other people and that I want to pass on to my little daughter. I love all the simple things of the nature and I enjoy taking care of plants and gardens and everything related to the countryside. A few years ago I renovated a house in Cefalu, one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily, and I started to rent it as a holiday house, finding in this business the opportunity to meet so many people from so many parts of the world!
I have decided to start this adventure with the aim of enhancing the immense cultural ethno-anthropological heritage that has its roots in the Sicilian territory and to share my passion for Sicily with those people who, together with us, will be in love with the wonders of Sicily!

My name is Danila Castro, Technical Director of Paesaggio Sicilia and Licensed Tourist Guide.
I was born in Palermo, I speak English and Spanish and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures.
I’ve worked in Palermo as Travel Agent for five years but I’ve also lived and travelled abroad for several years (Spain, Croatia, Egypt, Venezuela, Hungary, Morocco etc) working as group coordinator and Tour Leader. Since 2007 I’ve been working as tour guide in Sicily and I really like this job. I love Sicily, its culture, history, art, legends, food, wine, landscapes, beautiful beaches and sea. My main goal is to be able to pass on my knowledge and experiences to visitors but mostly share my passion for my homeland with them.


My name is Gianluca D’Alia and I represent a minority in Paesaggio Sicilia, being the only man in our team.
I studied history and European politics in Palermo and Amsterdam and I worked for ten years for the EU information services in Brussels and Palermo. During all these years I have had the opportunity to travel widely across Europe, meeting a lot of interesting people and visiting many beautiful countries. But I also got to know much better my homeland and I decided to use all my experience and my acquired knowledge about the Sicilian territory, history and economy to start a new life in the travel business. What I really like of this job is sharing my knowledge and my love for Sicily with guests who are interested in discovering our country.
I speak English, French, Spanish, German, a bit of Portuguese and some Dutch and I have a real interest for Sicilian history and architecture, Sicilian food, rural life and traditions. I love travelling and I am always very happy to learn about other countries by talking to the people I meet during my work and my free time. I seldom refuse a glass or two with a good company!

And finally we have Matilde, Chiara’s and Gianluca’s daughter. She is the youngest girl in our team and she is responsible for testing and approving restaurants and accommodations beforehand. Her opinion is absolutely fundamental for our decisions.