Our team is made by two couples in life. Chiara and Gianluca and Elisabeth and Marco. We are friends since years, we live in Palermo and Castelbuono in the Madonie Natural Park. In our team we combine different expertise and knowledge but above all we have the same vision for slow and relational tourism and we enjoy sharing our passion for Sicily while taking our guests to the places that we do love.

I am a licensed tourist guide and a nature guide of Federescursionismo Sicilia and a licensed tour director and travel consultant specialised in rural tourism. I have studied politics and Sicilian history in Palermo and Amsterdam and I am passionate about Sicilian food, wines, history, archaeology and culture. I am also member of ONAF, the Italian organisation of amateur cheese tasters. I love planning new itineraries and leading our guests to experience the most authentic and beautiful Sicily. I am fluent in English, Spanish and French but I can also speak German and Portuguese.

I am Chiara and I am an architect. I like digging deep into the Sicilian food and agriculture traditions and I have a special interest for historical and seasonal produces and wild grass foraging. I love welcoming our guests in our country house and share with them the recipes that are in my family since several generations. I adore Sicilian handicraft and I am always looking for new artisans to be included in our tours. I'm a NatureTherapy© facilitator.

I am Marco and I love driving our guests across the Sicilian landscapes with our Mercedes Van and cars that ensure very comfortable trips. Since 2003 I have a professional driving licence to transport people by car and bus. I am graduated from University of Palermo in "Cultural Tourism” and I speak a fluent English and a little bit French and German.

I am Elisabeth, licensed tour guide in Sicily. I love guiding our guests to the main monumental sites and tourist destinations in Sicily. I graduated from Switzerland "P. Vermigli" Language High School in Zurich, and I continued my studies at the University of Palermo. I am fluent in English, German and French. If you love art and cultural treasures of the past, follow me! “Amuninni”.


  • Claire Carruthers, Carruthers&Kent Wine Shop, Newcastle UK

    Sicily food and wine tour for our customers

    We have a wine shop in Newcastle and we took 10 of our customers to Sicily whereupon Gianluca looked after us. Our customers have travelled a great deal but absolutely loved the trip, many said it was one of their best holidays. As a business we have had many wine trips and this was by far one of the best in respects that Gianluca had just the right balance of gastronomy, wine tastings cultural visits and down time. In addition to all of that he is a lovely knowledgeable guy.
    Claire Carruthers, Carruthers&Kent Wine Shop, Newcastle UK
  • Lance Roux, Roux Luxury Travel (member of Virtuoso)

    Don't Plan a Trip to Sicily Without This Company!

    Gianluca Dalia and Marco with Paesaggio Sicilia paid special attention to every need of our group while on tour of Sicily. Gianluca listened to the preferences of all our travellers and accommodated every request. Would definitely recommend Paesaggio Sicilia for your trip to Sicily.
    Lance Roux, Roux Luxury Travel (member of Virtuoso)
  • Ari Erle, Winemaker, Bat Shlomo Vineyards, Israel
    I highly recommend Paesaggio Sicilia. Gianluca is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and knows all the secret spots in Sicily. He helped me plan a family trip to amazing places that I never would have been able to find on my own. He is especially knowledgeable about Sicilian wines and where to go in between wine tastings... I will always call Paesaggio Sicilia before coming to Sicilia.
    Ari Erle, Winemaker, Bat Shlomo Vineyards, Israel
  • John Pozzi, Sugar Island, United Sates
    Gianluca and Marco were such wonderful hosts, guides, and friends. They took care of our every need. This was the last excursion for our 9 day visit to Sicily. The day was just great. The people they arranged for us to meet, as well as the places we visited, were just awesome. We love this island and will be back to enjoy more time with Gianluca and Marco!
    John Pozzi, Sugar Island, United Sates
  • Mike Dichristofano, Tucson, Arizona

    Bella Sicilia with Gianluca!

    My wife and I were in Italy for a month and by far the best part of our trip was our two days in Sicily with Gianluca. He has a great balance of providing interesting historical information and simply letting his guests just walk and enjoy the beautiful sites. His easy going style made us comfortable immediately. We could not have planned a better experience and would highly recommend Gianluca to anyone looking to fully enjoy Sicily in a way that is pleasantly unique. Thanks Gianluca!!
    Mike Dichristofano, Tucson, Arizona
  • John Dickie, London

    The perfect host

    With a group of 7 friends, I just did a wine tour of Eastern Sicily to try and bring myself up to speed on Sicilian wine. It all went swimmingly. Gianluca D'Alia was the perfect host: very well-informed, kind and helpful. He really understood intuitively what we wanted out of the tour. Can't recommend his services highly enough.
    John Dickie, London
  • Lauren Raps, Travel Agent, Stony Bridge, New York
    Gianluca assembled the most amazing itinerary for my family trip to Sicily. Great guides and excellent suggestions on hotels and activities. A true authentic experience. Just lovely to deal with. High recommend! Can’t wait to do the west coast now with him!
    Lauren Raps, Travel Agent, Stony Bridge, New York
  • Trisha Iannazzi, Travel Agent (member of Virtuoso), Mendon New York

    Simply the best in Sicily!

    I have been fortunate to travel in Sicily with Gianluca, Marco, Elisabeth and Chiara of Paesaggio Sicilia twice and it is nothing short of fantastic. Gianluca’s knowledge of the diverse history and culture of this beautiful island is extensive and his ability to seek out the special places to visit away from the hordes of tourists and cruise passenger groups makes every day so enjoyable. From a special visit to an organic dairy farm high in the mountains, to the small village with the best cannoli in the world, from small family owned wineries to the secret back road up a mountain for the very best view of the Greek temple, Gianluca knows it all and shows it to his guests with great pride. He is especially knowledgeable in the amazing food and wine culture its many civilizations have bestowed on Sicily. Charming, charismatic, patient and well spoken, if you are using anyone else to discover Sicily, you are missing out on the best experience ever.
    Trisha Iannazzi, Travel Agent (member of Virtuoso), Mendon New York
  • Shannon Essa, GrapeHops Food and Wine Tours, San Diego, US
    I have been working with Gianluca D‘Alia for several years, starting in 2017 when we conducted research together for which he was invaluable. Since that time, he has helped to organize three tours every year as well as led the tours. His knowledge of Sicilian history, as well as his food and wine expertise, adds a depth to the GrapeHops tour experience which is genuinely appreciated by the clients. He goes the extra mile and ends up being a friend rather than just a tour leader. He understands and speaks English like a native and can speak many other languages as well. He is always inquisitive and on the look-out for new experiences in his home country and we return to many of his unique discoveries on every tour. With three tours a year this makes Sicily GrapeHops best -selling tour, and this could not be possible without Gianluca D‘Alia.
    Shannon Essa, GrapeHops Food and Wine Tours, San Diego, US
  • Chef Dominique Rizzo, Pure Food Cooking Tours, Brisbane, Australia
    Viva Italia, with our wonderful Sicilian food tour host and guide, Giovanni Luca Dalia or “Gianluca” as he likes to be called. Because Gianluca is a native Sicilian, he understands the “Sicilian way.” He knows the people and customs. He is informative and interesting. As well, he provides a light hearted approach to presenting the Sicilian culture.Gianluca is full of quirky facts and historical information. His story telling immerses you right into the heart of Sicily, making him a wonderful guide. Gianluca thrives on sharing his passion for food, wine, beer and Sicily with anyone who will listen. He loves an interesting conversation with anyone interested in discovering this historically enriched country.
    Chef Dominique Rizzo, Pure Food Cooking Tours, Brisbane, Australia